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About Jenny20 years and counting

From humble beginnings…

It all started when I was almost 14 and left to my own devices with a pair of tweezers, I did things friends, not good things either. I looked perpetually surprised, with super thin brows and the wrong color brow pencil (options were slim). I went on this way for years, until I was 16, looked in the mirror and decided enough was enough. This moment started the very first browhab, my own. From the time I could crawl, make up was my first love, this came in handy during browhab, with a little concealer and eyeshadow I was able to fake it during the regrow until I could reshape, this inspired other girls around me to ask for help. I haven't stopped doing brows (and make up) since !

…To where it's at today

I have a had the privilege of pursuing other careers and raising an amazing (now) teenage daughter along the way, but my journey has always brought me right back to this industry, it took me a long time to be able to fulfill my childhood dream of becoming a cosmetologist, but I was finally able to, attending and graduating from an Aveda institute in Arizona and obtaining my license in California, and have been happily serving my guests here since!

Jenny G. ~Owner Jenny G., Owner

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